Business Profile

Official Name Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA)
Common Name REPA (Repa)
Business Style Not-For-Profit
Corporate Registration Number 3600-05-006134
Date of Incorporation 12/19/2019
Registered (with) Naha Regional Legal Affairs Bureau
Headquarter Address 〒900-0015 9F, Ryu Bo Building, 1 Chome-1-1 Kumoji, Naha, Okinawa, Japan
〒900-0015 沖縄県那覇市久茂地1丁目1-1パレットくもじ 9階
Representative Offices Under registration process.
Telephone +81-50-3697-9797
Acting Director (Representative) Hashimi S. (Effective from April 1, 2022)
Board of Directors
Capital 5,240,000 Yen
Annual Growth Status (+) Cash flow (2021)
Annual Profit 6.05% (2021)
Business Bank Japan Post Bank
Business Purpose To promote scientific research, academic publications and empower the young generation’s knowledge and skill capacities.
Products & Services

–   Scientific Journals: Articles publications

–   International Events: Conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc.

–   Academic Research: Thematic & interdisciplinary research and development.

–   Technology Innovation: Establishing journals platforms, sponsoring & managing national and international events, and other academic-related services.

Slogan Fostering academic creativity
Vision Integrating academic society strategically and merging services creatively.
Mission Fostering academic creativity.
Commitment Honesty and humanity are the first priority, working towards society empowerment through benefit sharing.             
Value Creativity, originality, diversity, flexibility, affordability, and sustainability.
Reliance Our criteria are honesty, humanity, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, balance, standard, independency, and sustainability.       
Culture Avoiding false show up by creating market value.
Strategy (1)  Organization Level Strategy (Top Management) – Aligns mission with strategy: Board of Directors
(2)  Business Level Strategy (Middle Management) – Designs & runs the business: Director
(3) Departmental/Functional Level Strategy (Lower Management) – Facilitates & implements plans to achieve organizational goals: Operation Team
Expectation: We try to respond to the innumerable blessings by tiny endowments.