Researches Empowering humanity is our ultimate goal REPA is committed to ensure sustainable utilization of available resources and means. We are working on shaping an extensive paradigm of research and education. Explore Researches Publication Exhaustive competition for quality among publishers leads to perfection REPA believes in objective-oriented and peer-review publications to provide viable solutions for real-life problems through a scientific approach. Publish with Us Conferences and Events We are working for knowledge sharing at the global stage We do not believe in defensiveness in the past, but we believe in maintaining a positive attitude about the present and have an optimistic outlook for the future through networking and idea exchanges. Explore Events Education Innovation is an innate aim of our education and training systems We provide a smart education and training platform that ensures intelligent education and a conducive learning environment for the satisfaction of learners. Join today
RESEARCHES Decent researches and innovation
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In an ever-changing competitive and innovative environment, Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA) is committed to provide flexibility, quality, and value in terms of integrated researches, peer-reviewed publications, and dynamic education. Its ever-increasing infrastructure and decent team are enabling REPA to come up to the expectations of multidisciplinary academic innovations of diversities. REPA is a not-for-profit and non-political association owned by a team of dedicated international researchers and scholars from more than ten countries. It has several operating units throughout the world. REPA owes its success to the bold declaration of elite scholars’ support globally. We rely on available opportunities to contribute towards humanity at the national and international levels. REPA believes in change; we are always ready for any possible transition empowering humanity for long-run sustainability. We have built our approach to experience and expertise. We disseminate standardized academic research and innovative education throughout the world. While it is easier to claim to be the best, it is difficult to qualify. Let us demonstrate our claim!

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Energy and Environment Research

Ongoing researches projects: 3      Completed researches projects: 2

Energy Policy and Social Development

Ongoing research projects: 2      Completed research projects: 1

Applied and Social Science

Ongoing researches projects: 5      Completed researches projects: 2