We consider each applicant to REPA as a whole person, and put enormous care into evaluating every application.

Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA) commenced its activities for supporting innovative-development of diverse and dynamic research and development. We are a team of committed professionals with a strategic vision. We understand that in the competitive context of education, research and development is the only way to continuous success.
At REPA, we believe in investing in human capital. We are exploring opportunities and rising talents.

  • Positive Attitude – toward every challenge
  • Respect- for all
  • Honesty- your integral part
  • Accountability- for your deeds
The Application and Review Process
We encourage you to submit your application along CV for editorial, volunteer, and membership before July 1, 2020.
Preliminary Review
Received applications will go through two parts of reviews, in order to categorize for our academic and technical vacancies.
Application Checking
After a preliminary review, it takes five weeks to process materials and submit to the Admissions Committee.
Application Review
The Admissions Committee reviews applications roughly in order of completion. Each application is considered in its entirety.
During the application review process, you may be invited to online interview. These interviews will happen throughout the process cycle.
We will make every effort to deliver a decision on your application as soon as possible. An applicant who is offered job/partnership will be notified immediately.
Ask our related committees all your questions

    Ms. Michell-Ann
    For the International Applications
    Michell Ann.
    For the Application Follow up
    Administration Committee