About REPA

Research and Education Promotion Association is registered in Japan as a non-profit entity (Reg. No. 3600-05-006134).

Since its initiation in 2012 in cooperating with different national and international entities and official registration as an independent association in 2019, REPA has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and ensuring sustainability objectives for future generations.


In an ever-changing competitive and innovative environment, Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA) is committed to providing flexibility, quality, and value in terms of integrated research and dynamic-revolutionary education. Its ever-increasing infrastructure and decent team are enabling REPA to come up to the expectations of multidisciplinary academic innovations of diversities. 

REPA Operating Units

REPA is a not-for-profit and non-political association owned by a team of dedicated international researchers and scholars from more than ten countries. It has several operating units throughout the world. REPA owes its success to the bold declaration of elite scholars’ support globally. We rely on available opportunities to contribute towards humanity at the national and international levels.

Our Vision

We derive our vision from an extraordinary ambition; do not limit the challenges, but challenge the limitations. As a leading and trusted association, we envision mitigating the real-life difficulties of mankind through innovative research and smart education. It gives us a sense of direction and destination.

Our Mission

Our mission is transforming opportunities into realities through the delivery of innovative and viable research and education services. Seeking the opportunities, identifying the trends, supporting professionalism and providing an emergent roadmap of sustainable solutions is our objective.

We have an ever simple working environment! Join us! All you need to have is:

  • Positive Attitude: Toward every challenge
  • Respect: For all
  • Honesty: Your integral part
  • Accountability: For your deeds

REPA is devoted to excellence in research, publication, academic event, teaching, learning, consultancy, and collaboration, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

REPA, which is based in Okinawa, Japan, has an engagement of over 100 actives scholars and researchers around the world, including employees, volunteers, and professional individual contractors. REPA targets to expand members of more than 1000 alumni around the world.

REPA believes in change; we are always ready for any possible transition empowering humanity for long-run sustainability. We have built our approach to experience and expertise. We disseminate standardized academic research and innovative education throughout the world. While it is easier to claim to be the best, it is difficult to qualify. Let us demonstrate our claim!