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The manuscript originates from author(s) original research and work, not published anywhere else except in form of an abstract.

Plagiarism, in which one misrepresents ideas, words, computer codes, or other creative expressions as one’s own, is a clear violation of such ethical principles. Plagiarism can also represent a violation of copyright law, punishable by statute. Plagiarism manifests itself in a variety of forms, including.

The corresponding author warrants submitted manuscript is a wholly original work of author(s); that authors are the sole creator and owner of the manuscript with a sole and exclusive right to dispose of his/her authored work and to assign every right, including copyrights therein; that neither the Manuscript created/authored nor any part thereof is in the public domain without Publisher’s permission.

Authors agree to, and do hereby assign all rights of manuscripts’ modification, edit, and improvement and any means by the Scientific Committee and Proofreading Editors after acceptance.

Authors agree to, and do hereby assign all rights, title and interest, including copyrights, in and to the manuscript to Publishers. When the manuscript is accepted and ready for publication, it will be published at the REPA’s own expense, under the Publisher’s full copyright at any name and publication in its sole discretion elects.
The Publishers reserve the right to make all decisions related to publication options, layout and all other aspects of preparing the publication as they relate to suitability to the publishers’ system, procedures, and desired formats (paper, proceeding, book chapter, book, etc.). Furthermore, the Publishers maintain the full right to refuse to publish any accepted manuscript without a completed, signed and dated Copyright Transfer Agreement (After acceptance of manuscript this form will be provided).

The REPA conferences series will be conducted in adapt to the international conference code and standard. Therefore, presenting short and full papers is mandatory. Therefore, this conference facilitates hybrid presentation delivery onsite and offsite (virtual) from distance. All distance/online presenters are requested to be coordinated with online tracks/sessions’ technical assistant.

The conference Publication and Award Committee recognizes top three papers based on technical merit, originality, potential impact on the field, clarity of the written paper, and quality of the conference presentation.

Authors can make payment online by PayPal (credit and debit cards). Bank transfer (deposit) option is not recommended. For bank transfer, an additional handling fee will be charged, and confirmation of payment will be verified after 4-7 days. Authors should send a scan copy of the deposit slip.
Bank transfer payment should receive within 10 days to the registration deadlines. Unsuccess payment due to any error or mistake by sender or sender’s bank, then it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure payment is resent and confirmed by due date. Over and less payment amount will be adjusted with authors shall bear handling fees.
No refund of payment will be made after the issuance of Invitation Letter and/or withdrawn/removed from publication due to any misconduct/plagiarism found in research paper before/after publication of paper.

Registration and fee refunds will be issued without penalty three months before the conference date. A penalty of 50% will be charged up until 30 days before the first day of the conference. Any type in any form of registration fee is not refundable when approaching 15 days to the first day of the conference.The Organizing Committee reserves the right to grant exceptions on a case by case basis. Refund requests must be submitted to and should include in the email the registrant name, receipt number, and reason for the refund (Email Subject: Request for Refund/Full Name/Receipt Number).

Cancellation before March 1, 2020: 90% refund

Cancellation before May 1, 2020: 50% refund

Cancellation after May 15, 2020: no refund

As this is a legal document, we cannot accept changes and modifications at invitation and visa letter ask for your understanding in this matter. Also, invitation letters can be issued after registration and receive payment.

Applicant has a Master’s Degree or higher at any related theme of the conference, as well as he/she can be demonstrated with review and editorial background.


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