Call for Special Sessions

Dear prospective organizers of technical workshops, special sessions, and tutorials. Please send your application to the conference secretariat (Email: | Subject: Application for Organizing a Special Session | SODC 2020 | Okinawa, Japan) by April 15, 2020, to offer a productive session. To be well-coordinated, the organizing committee strongly encourages to avoid last-minute action. Therefore, please send your special session one page proposal.

Note: The SODC 2020 organizing committee is pleased to offer a considerable group discount for special sessions’ organizers.

Topics requested within a broader theme of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as follows:

        • Sustainable development
          Regional sustainable development
        • Rural Sustainable development
        • Agriculture sustainability
        • Agriculture pollution
        • Green ecosystem
        • Anti-environment substances in farming
        • Sustainable business
        • Corporate accountability
        • Economic development
        • Ecotourism
        • Social investing
        • Sustainable energy
        • Renewable energy
        • Green energy
        • Green technology
        • Green architecture and urban planning
        • Green and low carbon development
        • Nonrenewable energy (fossil fuels)
        • Energy conservation
        • Energy efficiency
        • Energy technologies
        • Energy resources
        • Energy
        • Strategy and policy
        • Energy economics and trade
        • Energy generation and supply
        • Power system transmission and distribution
        • Energy systems automation (IoT)
        • Smart city and building
        • Environment and climate change
        • Climate change and global warming
        • Greenhouse gases emissions
        • Emissions factors and modeling
        • Air pollution resources
        • Air quality and modeling
        • Indoor air quality
        • Greenhouse emissions prevention
        • Air toxics assessment
        • Ozone depletion
        • Environmental disasters
        • Environmental economics
        • Economic development
        • Environmental education
        • Environmental studies
        • Environmental ethics
        • Environment and social ecology
        • Environmental legislation and policy
        • Environmental justice
        • Environmental politics
        • Environmental regulation
        • Solid waste
        • Waste management
        • Waste treatment and recycle
        • Industrial pollution
        • Habitat conservation
        • Marine conservation
        • Resource extraction
        • Human health


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