Local Conference Manager

Vacancy No. 200113/#026-LH/018JP

REPA looks for a local conference facilitator in different countries for its 2020-2021 conferences to deliver these tasks and activities successfully:
> Arrangement of conference hall
> Arrangement of lunch for conference attendees
> Ordering and collecting printing stuffs from printing company
> Local tour coordination with a tour agency (agencies)
> Conference coordination and management (before, during and after the conference)
> Hiring conference facilitators
> Extra works per hour charge beyond the above-mentioned tasks
A local facilitator will play as a member of REPA team. REPA main office in Japan will remain fully supportive with a dedicated team of 10+ conference managers and organizers.

  • Type of conference: International
  • Theme: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a wide range of topics 
  • Audience: Academic, scholars, researchers, university students, practitioners, and so on
  • Tentative date: in 2020-2021 will be scheduled
  • Duration: 2-days + 1 day tour
  • Partnership and sponsorship: are open for all local and international organizations 
  • Sample Conference: https://repa.jp/sodc-japan

Find more details in the below job offer:

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