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Editorial Flow

Our straightforward four-step simple publication process ensures high quality and rapid publication.

1- Preliminary Check: At this stage, paper is screening for essential criteria:
1) Topic suitability to the journal scope
2) Content and writing quality
3) Plagiarism similarity percentage
4) Layout and formatting style

After a preliminary screening, the journal secretarial board will sum up with one of these decisions:

Passed– It will be forwarded to the scientific/technical committee, potential reviewers assigned to the manuscript
Resubmit – Resubmit email with improving instructions sent to author(s)
Reject – Rejection email sent to author

2- Decision: After receiving and reviewing the reviewers report, based on sum up with one of this decision:

Accept – Acceptance email with publication, registration, invitation, and accommodation details sent to author(s)
Revise– Modification email with instructions sent to author(s)
Reject – Rejection email sent to author

Reviewers judgment will be based on these criteria:
1) Practical significance
2) Appropriateness for journal
3) Adequacy of analysis of issues
4) Novelty of the contents and research
5) Organization of the contents
6) Clarity of presentation
7) Overall originality and soundness

3- Publication: Finally, papers will be submitted for publication and indexing with high-ranking academic databases.

Editorial Procedure: Peer Review Process